Tuscaloosa City Schools is officially reinstating its "masks optional" policy for students and faculty starting next week.

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TCS adopted a policy back in October 2021 that set a 1% two-week threshold for positive student case rate to determine the use of masks in the schools.

The school system implemented a temporary mask mandate on January 18 once the student positive rate reached 2.14 percent. Since then,  TCS has reviewed the covid rate in its schools biweekly, once on January 28, and again Friday, February 11.

With the mask mandate in place, the biweekly student positive rate has fallen below 1 percent. Right now, the current percentage of students isolating and quarantining is 0.09 percent.

The change will be effective starting Monday, February 14.

To view the TCS COVID-19 Tracker in realtime, click here.

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