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The Tuscaloosa City Schools announced that students 18 and under can receive free meals which began on Monday.

Similar to last months announcement, the school system will distribute five breakfasts and five lunches at the beginning of the week to ensure that students will have enough to eat throughout the week. Students who do return to in-person learning will also receive breakfast and lunch on campus.

TCS also announced that on Friday Sept. 25, the school system will start a free meal distribution that will start at 10:30 a.m. and last until noon.

Meals can be picked up at nine local school locations:

· Southview Elementary School

· Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School

· Northridge Middle School

· The Alberta School of Performing Arts

· Eastwood Middle School

· Central High School

· Skyland Elementary School

· Arcadia Elementary School

Meals can also be picked up at these six locations:

· Hay Court Apartments

· Copper Creek Apartments

· Creekwood Apartments

· Forester Gardens Apartments

· University Manor Apartments

· Wood Village Apartments

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