A used car dealership in Tuscaloosa is giving a pair of suspected car thieves until the end of the day Tuesday to return two stolen vehicles before they turn the case over to local police.

Tre Lanier, the director of marketing and a sales consultant for West Alabama Wholesale in Tuscaloosa, said two young men broke into their building around 10 o'clock Monday night.

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The burglars reportedly grabbed a pair of keys and stole two cars -- a dark gray 2016 Nissan Altima and a blue 2014 Honda Accord.

What the young thieves probably didn't count on was being caught on camera during the break-in.

Lanier shared pictures on social media showing the duo in the office of the dealership and said they are clearly depicted on footage caught on nine different security cameras.

All hope is not lost for the burglars, though. Lanier said West Alabama Wholesale will not pursue an investigation and press criminal charges if the two vehicles are returned by 5 p.m. Tuesday.

"Man y'all need to holler at me before 5 unless you want to go to jail," Lanier wrote. "Real talk, you have my word, if you bring the cars back nothing will happen but they gonna send you to prison young men if you don't and these are facts."

Anyone who knows the men caught on camera should encourage them to take the dealership up on this deal while it's still on the table.

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