A national nonprofit organization dedicated to serving people with disabilities is closing its branch in Tuscaloosa, a move that will reportedly eliminate 76 local jobs.

The federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act requires employers in the U.S. to report when they are planning closures or mass layoffs and that information is publicly posted by the Alabama Department of Commerce on their WARN List.

After nearly six months without a new post, the list was updated this week to announce the closure of the Sunrise Community of Alabama, Incorporated here in Tuscaloosa. According to the posting, the closure will eliminate 76 jobs here.

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The Sunrise Group is headquartered in Miami, Florida and its more than 3,000 employees work in seven states to serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

One of their core missions has been to keep those people from being institutionalized and ensure they are supported outside of those settings.

The Tuscaloosa location at 3500 Skyland Boulevard East is the only Sunrise branch listed in Alabama, and according to the WARN list, it will close in early March.

A manager at the Tuscaloosa location acknowledged the pending closure in a short phone call with the Thread Monday morning but said he was not authorized to discuss the news. A Monday call to the corporate headquarters in Florida was not answered.

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