Someone is carelessly causing environmental damage in Tuscaloosa, and the community needs your help in bringing these egregious actions to a halt.

Gas tanks have been removed from cars and tossed into the ravine at Country Club Hills, and it's causing a great deal of confusion on the West End.

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Que Chandler, a community leader who recently ran for Tuscaloosa City Council, shared a photo of the litter to Facebook.

"I've been told TPD passed it off to code enforcement. Code enforcement says the city will not remove them due to them being on private [property]," Chandler said.

"The gas tanks have to be removed from cars before they go to Liberty Recycling because they are dangerous and can cause explosions. No one is bothering to try to track down who might be doing this through Liberty’s records. No one feels any urgency about removing them. And so now private residents are stuck with these in close proximity to their homes," Chandler said.

Chandler said that she's hoping to get some answers from city leaders soon and that she hopes the gas tank bandit isn't able to cause any more damage to the community.

"This may seem small to some but it's a big deal. I hope whomever is doing this is caught and fined significantly. My question is who can help our community? When do we say enough is enough? Please stop destroying our communities. This hurts everyone," Chandler said.

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