Tuscaloosa motorists might want to fill up while they still can, as one area gas station is showing signs of a potential fuel shortage in the Druid City.

The Circle K station located at the corner of McFarland Boulevard and Hargrove Road in the heart of Tuscaloosa is experiencing a complete outage of regular fuel. Management posted a quick note on every pump and on the doors of the convenience store, saying the current "fuel supply crisis" is to blame for the outage.

"We are currently out of regular gas," the note read. "Due to the fuel supply crisis, Circle K is working with limited fuel supply in many areas. During this time, we are experiencing fuel outages in some stores."

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The early summer months are usually the prime time to hike up gas prices, as families generally spend more time on the road after school is out and vacation plans begin. All along McFarland Boulevard, gas prices average a whopping $2.75 per gallon.

But, a May 7 ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, the largest fuel pipeline in the United States, sent many Americans into a gas-hoarding frenzy due to fear that the attack would cause a gas shortage. That, in turn, made a gas shortage actually happen in many cities along the East Coast.


The pipeline runs from Maryland to Texas, distributing automobile and jet fuel to 13 states. The Associated Press noted that the Colonial Pipeline delivers gas to about 45% of the entire East Coast, covering fuel needs at 260 delivery locations.

Colonial's CEO, Joseph Blount, eventually paid the $4.4 million ransom, supposedly returning operations back to normal. But, the effects of the crisis still loom close to home.

"Circle K is continually assessing the fuel situation and working hard to get our fuel supply to full capacity, to all our stores, as soon as possible," the note on Circle K's pumps concluded. "We apologize for the inconvenience."

There is no specific timeline as to when Circle K's fuel will be replenished. Stay connected here for more information as it becomes available.

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