A new-to-market drive-thru coffee stand is opening soon on Tuscaloosa's 15th Street, marketers announced Wednesday.

As the Thread first reported, the owners of the 7 Brew franchise have been looking to find a place in the Druid City for months and obtained a business license to open a stand here in March. 

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On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the brand said 7 Brew has found its first home in the area and will open a stand at 406 15th Street East on vacant land west of Jimmy Johns and across the highway from Foosacklys.

The coffee "stand" is drive-through only and its modular building components were dropped into place in Tuscaloosa on Tuesday.

(7 Brew via REED Public Relations)
(7 Brew)

The spokesperson said the stand will open later this summer and add 35 jobs to the Tuscaloosa area.

The press release announcing the new stand said 7 Brew offers more than 20,000 unique drink combinations thanks to a menu of 30 syrups and sauces and customizable sweetness, espresso levels, creams that include non-dairy options and more.

"More than your standard coffee stand, 7 Brew offers an extensive variety of unique drink combinations," they said in the release. "From the original Blondie, a caramel and vanilla breve, to 7 Energy, smoothies, shakes and teas, there is something for everyone at 7 Brew. The brand boasts more than 200 stands across the country."

Their full menu boasts 7 "Originals," coffee drinks that can be served hot, iced or as blended ice chillers, plus a plethora of other coffees, energy drinks, sparkling waters, teas, lemonades, milkshakes and more.

For more on the development of the coffee stand this summer and for more coverage of restaurant and retail development in West Alabama, stay connected to the Tuscaloosa Thread.

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