The Tuscaloosa Police Department will be out in force on the Strip this weekend to combat loitering, overcrowding, open container violations and other problems.

TPD spokeswoman Stephanie Taylor announced the move in a Wednesday press release and said over the last two weekends, officers on "Strip Details" have noted people drinking alcohol on sidewalks and gathering in parking lots along University Boulevard, both of which violate city ordinance.

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In response, TPD will significantly increase the number of officers present of the Strip this weekend "to maintain order in the area."

"While we hope to avoid it, officers WILL issue citations or make arrests if it becomes necessary for public safety," Taylor said. "We ask customers of Strip establishments to please follow the laws so citations and arrests will not be needed. Additionally, we ask that people with no intention of entering a business refrain from visiting or loitering in the area."

In addition to discouraging loitering and overcrowding of sidewalks and parking lots, Taylor said TPD officers will be enforcing the city's curfew laws, which prohibit people under the age of 18 from being out and about after 10 p.m. on Thursdays and after 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Curfew violators will be taken to TPD headquarters, where they must remain until a parent or guardian arrives to receive a citation and take custody of the minor.

"We want people to enjoy themselves when the visit businesses on the Strip," Taylor said. "We ask that they remember to follow the laws in the interest of everyone’s safety."

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