A Tuscaloosa Police Officer bodyslammed and arrested a woman who struck him in the face with his own handcuffs earlier this week, according to court documents filed Thursday afternoon.

In a deposition describing the arrest, a TPD officer said the suspect, 38-year-old Jessica Ruth Graff, was harassing customers at the Circle K / BP gas station on University Boulevard beside DCH Regional Medical Center.

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The officer spoke with a manager there and they trespassed Graff, banning her from the property for two years.

According to the deposition, the woman left the area on foot, but began walking back to the store while the responding officer was still on the scene.

The TPD officer attempted to take her into custody and was able to place a handcuff on one of her wrists, but Graff allegedly pulled away and swung her arm at the officer. The handcuff hit the officer in the head, cutting his face open beneath his eye and causing a knot on the right side of his head.

In the deposition, the TPD officer said he "placed Graff in a bearhug and slammed her to the ground" and was finally able to take her into custody.

Graff was ultimately charged with third-degree criminal trespassing and second-degree assault, a Class C felony. She was booked in the Tuscaloosa County Jail, where her bond was originally set at $15,500 but has since been reduced to $2,800. She remained jailed Friday morning.

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