Investigators in Tuscaloosa have identified and arrested the man accused of stealing $5,000 cash from the counter of an area gas station earlier this month, according to court records filed Tuesday.

According to the deposition and additional information from the Tuscaloosa Police Department, the theft took place on June 13th at the Quick Mart on Greensboro Avenue.

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The victim, a 47-year-old man, stopped in the gas station store to buy cigarettes and reportedly set down a stack wad of $5,000 cash on the counter.

He then got distracted by friends walking into the store and walked outside with them, leaving the money on the counter.

The suspect, 27-year-old Edward Kwane Sealey, Jr., was reportedly standing behind the victim in line. He was caught on camera grabbing the cash off the counter and walking out of the store.

"Sealey walked past the victim, who was still in the parking lot, before getting into his vehicle and leaving the store," according to the deposition.

A TPD spokesperson shared surveillance photos and an account of the theft on social media last week, and ultimately investigators were able to identify and arrest Sealey.

According to court records, Sealey was arrested Tuesday and charged with first-degree theft of lost property, a Class B  felony. He was booked in the Tuscaloosa County Jail but released on a $10,000 bond shortly afterward.

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