The Tuscaloosa City School Board unanimously approved raises for TCS employees at Tuesday night's school board meeting that will go into effect on October 1.

According to TCS Core Notes newsletter, TCS employees can expect raises between 4 percent and 20.81 percent, based off of raise approved by the state. The release stated educators who have worked the longest will receive the highest percent raise.

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An additional step raise was also added in the plan for classified employees in the district, who were previously limited to nine steps on the salary schedule.

Dr. Mike Daria said this addition was made to recognize classified employees "who do so much for the district."

"We are adding a 10th step on the classified salary schedule, which is important to ensure the classified employees are compensated appropriately for the vital work they do," Daria said in the newsletter.

TCS Human Resources Executive Director Dr. Deron Cameron stated educators tied to the salary matrix approved by the legislature will have their ​pay increase funded by the state and all others will be funded with local money.

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