Storms and strong winds blew through Tuscaloosa Friday morning and afternoon, leaving fallen trees and downed powerlines in their wake.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department reported responding to at least a dozen places where trees of power lines were down in the city of Tuscaloosa.

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Impacted locations are listed below, and residents should avoid those areas until they are made safe again.

  • A tree is across the road at Hargrove Road and McFarland Boulevard intersection
  •  Power lines down on Juniper Lane
  •  Power lines down at North Overlook Road and North High Forest Drive
  •  Tree down on power line at Riverside Drive and Thomas Street
  •  Tree and power lines down at Saratoga Lane and Trenton DRive
  •  Power lines and a tree down at Mimosa Park and Knight Avenue near the cemetery and blocking entrance of Knight Industries
  • Power lines and tree on occupied house, 18th Avenue East. Occupants were not injured
  •  A tree fell on a vehicle at Capstone Cottage Apartments, 13th Street
  •  Part of a metal roof is in the roadway near Peco Foods, Reese Phifer Avenue
  •  Tree down on Azalea Lane
  •  Tree blocking Clinton Drive and Culver Road
  •  Traffic lights are out at Buttermilk Road and Skyland Boulevard East
  •  Tree on house across from Brown’s Service Station, 21st Street

Alabama Power reported that around 4,000 customers are currently without electricity in the Tuscaloosa area as of 1 p.m.

UPDATE, 3 P.M.: Alabama Power now says around 1,500 customers are without electricity in the area. 

For updates on these conditions as they improve, stay connected to the Tuscaloosa Thread.

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