Tuscaloosa's Stillman College will aim to earn more than $90,000 in donations this week during their 33-hour Day of Giving fundraising marathon, which kicks off Wednesday morning.

To say the marathon is 33 hours isn't exactly right, though -- it will last 1 day, 8 hours and 76 minutes in a nod to the HBCU's year of foundation, 1876.

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The event begins Wednesday, and a spokesperson for Stillman College said they raised $93,000 through 264 gifts in 2021 and hope to exceed those numbers this year.

The Day of Giving also allows donors to give to specific campus initiatives instead of providing money for college administrators to distribute as they see fit. Donors can give specifically to academic programs, athletic programs, scholarship funds, the Stillman Choir, the Blue Pride Marching Band and more.

“Stillman’s Day of Giving is a great opportunity for alumni of all ages to show their pride for Stillman College,” said Tyler Davidson, director of development at Stillman. “When we support the schools, programs, and causes that are meaningful to us, more Stillmanites turn their knowledge into action and change the world.”

The event kicks off Tuesday at 8 a.m. and ends just after 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Learn more about the initiative on Stillman's website and if you feel moved to support the College, make a plan to do so Wednesday during the Day of Giving marathon.

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