Tiger fans have a few new reasons to be excited about Stillman’s Athletics programs. They’ve just released new logos for all eight of their programs.

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Monday, January 24th, Stillman College announced five new athletic logos and wordmarks including the return of a full-body tiger in the primary logo.

Stillman Athletic Director, Terrance Whittle spoke on the excitement of the new branding.

"We are excited for this new branding opportunity for Stillman College and Stillman College Athletics. While Stillman has had various logo changes and updates through the decades, we hope this is a rebranding effort that will remain for years to come and one that will help each of our athletic programs brand their identity within the Stillman brand. We look forward to promoting the ideals of Stillman College with this look.”


You can imagine the excitement of the students to see these new logos in action around campus and across the athletic programs. “We have a unique student experience to offer at SC and branding makes that experience memorable,” said Stillman Dean of Student Life Marcus Kennedy.

Natorio Howard, director of Brand Identity for Stillman College, echoed Kennedy’s sentiments and said the branding overhaul brings the college into a “new dawn for athletics.”
Monday’s announcement comes less than a year after Stillman integrated new institution logos and wordmarks across its website, social media channels, and marketing materials. That re-branding effort features one of the more iconic landmarks on campus, the Alonzo Strange Bell.

"We are well into our new institutional branding rollout. We felt now was a great time and opportunity to breathe some new life into the look of our athletics marks, logos, and branding,” Howard said. "We have begun building collateral for all of our sports and will be fully launched with new signage in place by the start of the fall season.”

Howard continued, "I’m a strong believer that when it comes to institutional branding, the school’s athletics brand should be just as strong as your institutional brand,” he added. “Meaning, our institutional and athletics branding should both be living and breathing entities that work together to help recruit top-level students in both the classroom and on the playing field."

These logos are released just in time for Stillman College’s Homecoming season and have been worked into the branding for the 2022 events.

Stillman also recently unveiled a new full-body tiger statue that sits at the gates of campus.


With the logo change, the color theme was updated to the current athletics website, GoStillman.com, to Blue (Hex #06255B) and Vegas Gold (Hex #CEB770). The website is due to a redesign later this year. The logo will be updated across Stillman College's athletic facilities throughout the spring semester and on apparel sold on campus at The Kloset, located in the bottom floor of the Hay Center.

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