A local women's clothing boutique that once operated online has a new place to call home in Northport with the opening of the Southern Vibe Clothing Co. storefront.

Natalie Barger, owner of Southern Vibe, began her business online a year and a half ago, selling pieces on social media and through her mobile app.

Southern Vibe's grand opening took place on May 5. The store sells trendy items, such as dresses, shirts, two-piece sets and accessories for women of all ages and sizes.


She initially had no plans of opening an actual store but the business grew and her plans shifted. With the help of her husband, they began on a journey to secure a location.

"I had a desire placed in my heart that I wanted a storefront. We were eating lunch in Midtown one day and I saw a place that was open for lease," Barger said.

After contacting the owner and viewing the location, he recommended another location to her.

"He said well, this place is a little too big for what you're wanting, but I have a place in Northport that I think would be really great for what you're wanting to do," Barger said.

Barger said she hesitated on looking at the building because of the location being in the Bristol Park Shopping Plaza on Highway 69 North.

(Brittany Marshall|Tuscaloosa Thread)
(Brittany Marshall|Tuscaloosa Thread)

"I wouldn't even look at it at first," said Barger. "I was closed off to it because we are from across town. I told my husband that the guy was messaging me, asking if I went to look at the spot so we finally went to see it. When we looked I actually really liked it and it just all worked out."

"I have a lot of different styles [of clothing] and sell to a variety of people, including young girls as well as women who are 60 years old who shop with me," Barger said.

Recently, Barger added plus-size pieces to accommodate every woman who may visit her store.

"We want to help every woman pick out an outfit that makes them look and feel good. I strive to be a place when they come in, they find something that makes them feel good about themselves," Badger said.

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