After a wait of over seven months, Shanks Steak & Catfish is preparing to open its doors for business. The new Northport restaurant was scheduled to open in late 2019 to early 2020 but a myriad of issues from the coronavirus pandemic to gaining approval from the city council delayed the project.

"The plan right now is to order groceries...either Monday or Tuesday of next week, then we are going to be starting the drive-thru, the pickup and the delivery service," said Wayne Burch, the owner of Shanks Steak & Catfish. "We are going to be delivering within seven miles, that's kind of far out but that's where customers want me to deliver to."

Burch said that the restaurant will plan to open next weekend and will only offer carryout in the first week. The restaurant will look to obtain its liquor licence the following week and will serve drinks along with their food.

The restaurant will also offer discounts to first responders and is also planning a monthly event where members of the police and fire departments will help cook and serve meals at the restaurant. Burch also said that 25 percent of sales that he makes on those monthly events will go directly to police and fire departments charities.

"It's great for the community," Burch said.

For more information about Shanks Steak & Catfish, follow them on Facebook.

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