The City of Tuscaloosa voted to reimplement a program that will seek to clear almost 1,000 outstanding municipal parking tickets while also gathering supplies for area schools at their council meeting earlier this week.

Marion Williams, an administrator for the Tuscaloosa Municipal Court, said the program began in 2019 and had success in decreasing the number of outstanding tickets.

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The program will allow participants to donate $10 worth of school supplies for every overtime parking ticket, which cost $18 per infraction.

Williams said there are currently 976 outstanding overtime parking tickets in the city. She said she hopes the programs will be able to help community members who are not able to cover the total cost of tickets.

"We know that they are probably going to be having a rough times after COVID and with employment so we want to reach out and actually help them," Williams said.

The donated goods will also benefit Tuscaloosa City Schools, allowing those with outstanding parking tickets to pay less than full price while also benefitting young students in the area.

Donations can be dropped off at the Tuscaloosa Municipal Court downtown at 2122 6th St.

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