Alabama's R.O.S.S. addiction recovery specialists have opened a new community center in Tuscaloosa to support and educate anyone struggling with dangerous substance use.

The new community center celebrated its grand opening last week at 2624 18th Street on the eastern edge of West Tuscaloosa. There, staff will be on hand seven days a week to aid those who are struggling with substance use disorder.

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The group, which stands for Recovery Organization of Support Specialists, already operates similar community centers in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mashall County, Gadsden and Huntsville.

Those in need will find meals served, a computer lab, a clothing closet, support groups and more in a safe, supportive community center designed to help them, not further stigmatize their struggles.

"Our R.O.S.S. Tuscaloosa Recovery Community Center is a safe space with support groups, life skills classes, peer support services, resources, recreational activities and more," said Mark Litvine Director of Marketing for R.O.S.S. "An individual can receive wraparound services 7 days a week such as getting help filling out a food stamp application or having a safe place to go for the holidays."


The new space further rounds out mental health services available in and around Tuscaloosa, where the new Hope Pointe Crisis Center just opened late last year.

R.O.S.S. Tuscaloosa will be open 7 days a week, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at 2624 18th Street. Their number is 205-248-7340, and their 24/7 helpline can be reached at 844-307-1760. Learn more at

"Whether you are an expectant mother, incarcerated family member, overdose victim in the ER Room or just someone trying to make it another day above ground the Recovery Organization of Support Specialists is reaching the people who fall the cracks of addiction within our Alabama communities, jails, hospitals, day reporting centers, treatment centers and more," Litvine said. "Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing. As Certified Peer Support Specialists, our greatest tools are our own stories of hope and recovery. We use our stories to identify and connect with the individuals we serve. We are showing the individuals we serve how we got out from under and that there is hope they can get through that struggle as well."

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