Former Bishop Gunn frontman Travis McCready performed in front of a small but enthusiastic crowd at The Booth on Monday night, playing a combination of new songs and covers in downtown Tuscaloosa.

The Natchez, Mississippi native has opened for rock 'n' roll icons such as The Rolling Stones and Kid Rock, but is now performing solo across the Southeast.

The inspiration behind his passion, he said, is simple:

"Music got me into music," McCready said. "My earliest memories from when I was 3 or 4 years old, I was doing performances in front of my family. I was the youngest of six kids, so [music] was the way for me to stand out."

James Benedetto
Travis McCready is no stranger to sharing the stage. He performed a few songs with his Great Dane, Van-Gogh, by his side. (James Benedetto)

Before stopping in Tuscaloosa, the singer teamed up with Afroman drummer Jody Stallone at the Mockingbird Theater in Franklin, Tennessee for what McCready said was one of the most special shows he's ever played.

"Our guitar player for Bishop Gunn left back in February to do some other stuff, and then COVID hit," McCready said. "I just started to do solo stuff for the last couple of months...I guess my favorite thing about it was the progress we made with that deck of cards, so to speak."

During these live performances, McCready features some new music that he has written over the past few months and is looking forward to recording a solo album after the final Bishop Gunn record is released.

For more information on McCready and where his next show will be, check him out on Facebook and Twitter. To see a clip from his show, watch below:

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