A Ralph man was arrested for possession of meth after he was stopped driving a stolen car, according to court documents filed Monday.

Ryan Keith Strickland, 36, was pulled over on Aug. 13 for a traffic stop. The vehicle Strickland was driving had previously been reported stolen, and came back as stolen at the time of the stop.

Officers searched the vehicle and found a small bag under the driver's seat containing approximately 2.4 grams of meth, along with a used syringe in the trunk.

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Strickland had two previous outstanding charges for breaking and entering a vehicle. In June, he was positively identified as the suspect after Farley Hysaw Heat and Air reported two of their vehicles had been broken into. Multiple power tools were reported stolen from both vehicles.

According to a testimony from the vehicle's owner, Michael Perry, he had dropped Strickland off at the Paradise Mart on Greensboro Avenue to go to a friend's house.

Strickland contacted him shortly after, asking to be picked back up. When Perry arrived, Strickland was carrying two Dewalt tool bags with him.

Strickland was charged for all crimes on Monday, including the felony of receiving stolen property. He is now being held in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $40,000 bond.

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