Raised on Country Burgers n' Grill has quietly closed its doors on University Boulevard in downtown Tuscaloosa.

The exotic eatery specialized in wild game burgers like camel, elk and bison, as well as signature southern-inspired cocktails appropriately served from a Mason jar. Owner Bo Lawrence opened RoC's doors in late 2019, hoping to open the minds (and the mouths) of the Tuscaloosa foodie scene.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 14, Raised on Country's internet footprint is almost completely wiped from existence. Their Facebook page no longer exists and Google indicates that the joint is "permanently closed."

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Lawrence isn't done with restaurant life, though. He's planning on opening a new-to-Tuscaloosa concept, The Hunt Club Honky Tonk Bar and Grill, in the building that formerly occupied Wilhagan's Grille and Taproom near Temerson Square. Wilhagan's had closed in May of 2020 due to complications brought onto businesses by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lawrence said his new vision is already under construction, and the features are sure to be crowdpleasers among RoC regulars and new guests alike.

"We've got a big old bourbon room in there, and then we've got corn silos that were made in there for [serving] beer and all that. We've got big elk chandeliers," Lawrence told The Tuscaloosa Thread. "It's going to be a neat place."

The idea isn't novel to Lawrence; he opened his first Hunt Club Subs N Grill in Jacksonville, Florida in 2010. Now, he's refreshing the concept to be an upscale steakhouse with live music and signature drinks to fill the 8,000 square feet space next door to Nocturnal Tavern.

"The good thing about it is that we are going to be able to seat almost 400-some people," Lawrence said.

Those who visit should come hungry: Lawrence's menu will feature steaks that range from 8 ounces to a whopping 72 ounces of meat.

And yes, the wild game is here to stay.

"We'll have meat from all over the world," Lawrence said. "So we've got a lot of different kinds of meats that people will not be able to get in Alabama."

Such delicacies include elk, bison, antelope, camel tenderloins, Piedmontese cattle from Italy, Kobe Wagyu from Japan, and much more. If Lawrence can get his hands on it, The Hunt Club is going to try to serve it.

"We'll be bringing in different stuff each month," Lawrence said.

Lawrence is eyeing the first or second week of October to open The Hunt Club, and he says the restaurant will enter the digital space soon with a new website and social media channels. He already has several live bands from Nashville booked to perform in the coming months.

Stay tuned to The Tuscaloosa Thread for more updates as they become available.

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