West Alabama mother Paige Fields is desperate to locate her son, Preston Peeks, who has been missing from Pickens County since February 2021.

Fields said Peeks had previous run-ins with law enforcement and disappeared on February 15 in Reform after not reporting to his probation officer. At first, Fields believed her son was evading the police.

"I thought maybe he was hiding out because I wanted him to get right with the law," Fields said.

After two weeks passed with no contact from Preston, Fields filed a missing persons report.

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Fields said over the past year and a half, she has been told several different variations of stories pertaining to what may have happened to Preston, including the possibility that he was murdered days after his disappearance.

"The wife of one of his so-called friends told me that her husband killed my son and hid the body but she wouldn't tell the (Pickens County) sheriff that," Fields said.

Fields said she believes the Pickens County Sheriff's Office is aware of what happened to Preston, but feels that "nobody is doing anything to find my child."

"I know in my heart that my child is dead and I believe that they know it too," Fields said.

Pickens County Sheriff Todd Hall said Preston's disappearance is an ongoing investigation that will be open until he is found and any new information will be followed up.

"Every lead has been followed up. We would like to know what happened to Preston so we can give the family closure," Hall said. "Our hearts go out to his mother."

Fields said she has raised a $6,000 reward for anyone who can take her to her son, dead or alive. She said not knowing where he is after all this time is "frustrating."

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. Some days are harder than others," Fields said. "If I had a body or a grave to go to and the people held accountable, it would make it easier to cope with.

Anyone with information on the disappearance of Preston Peeks is asked to contact the Pickens County Sheriff's Office at 205-367-2000.

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