Anyone who finds themselves on the wrong end of an overtime parking ticket in Tuscaloosa will soon be able to handle it, save money and help those in need all at once.

That opportunity comes with the return of a favored municipal program that allows residents to pay off tickets by donating school supplies.

Those supplies will be passed on to the Tuscaloosa City Schools Board of Education, who will distribute them to students who are in need in the city's two dozen schools.

If that altruism isn't motivation enough, you can also save money through the program. An overtime parking ticket costs $18 to pay off but will be forgiven for $10 in donated supplies.

The city prefers donations with a receipt showing the value of the supplies but has also provided a list of suggested donations and their assumed pricing if a receipt is not provided.

  • Heavy Duty Backpacks: $10
  • Ream White Copy Paper: $4
  • Index Cards: $.50
  • Black & Blue Ink Pens: $1
  • 16GB Flash Drive: $4
  • Scientific Calculators: $9
  • Erasers – 3 packs: $1.50
  • Standard/College Ruled: $1
  • College-Ruled Spiral Notebooks: $.60
  • Mechanical or #2 pencils: $1
  • Binder Pouches: $6
  • Clorox/Lysol Wipes 3 packs: $6.50
  • Highlighters 3ct.: $2.10
  • Highlighters 10ct.: $6
  • Hand Sanitizers: $2
  • Box(es) of Kleenex Tissues: $1.60
  • Binder Dividers: $1.50
  • Box of Crayons: $3
  • Kids’ Scissors: $1.50
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Participants can bring their school supplies to Tuscaloosa Municipal Court at 2122 6th St. during the length of the program, which begins next week on July 15th and ends on August 9th.

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