The NorthRiver Yacht Club hosted their annual Jackson-Evans Cup this past week and it concluded Monday.

The tournament hosted 195 players in three different groupings: Men's Doubles, Men's Singles, and Mixed Doubles.


"Its a great opportunity for the tennis community to come together and NorthRiver is gracious enough to host the event and Jackson-Evans is gracious enough to sponsor the event," said NorthRiver Director of Tennis Clete Browder, "Really its just a great way for the tennis community to grow and come together and enjoy the social part and enjoy the competition."


"Any able tennis players" were able to participate in the event, so participants in the event ranged from beginner to college to former college players of all ages.

"It's always fun," said participant Jim Sandras, "Get to meet a lot of people, get some good food, good fellowship, good exercise. Its a lot of fun playing with my wife, its a blessing, and its fun I always love telling people our names, I'm Jim and her name is Cari, like Dumb and Dumber Jim Carrey so everybody remembers our name."

"Yeah its a lot of fun playing together," said Jim's doubles partner and wife Cari Sandras,"It gives us an opportunity to get out of the house and get some exercise."

There were many different divisions within each group; these are the players that rose above the rest to win their respective divisions:


9.0 - Calvin Kim/Kate Thom

8.0 - Tanner and Leigh Summerlin

7.0 - Roman Duren/Dede Clary

6.0 - Brandon McKnight/Deborah Swanquist

5.0 - Peter Zimmer/Stephanie Kirkland


Open - Josh Faught/Steve Burdette

4.5 - David Ikard/Tillman Allen

4.0 - Keith Chasteen/Beebe Frederick

3.5 - Bob Singleton/Russell Johnson

3.0 - Tony Johnson/Jonathan Simpson

2.5 - Austin Grammer/Hudson Grammer


Open - Calvin Kim

4.5 - Ethan Wilson

4.0 - Jon Quitt

3.5 - Ross Johnson

3.0 - Jimbo Wilhite

2.5 - Grammer Hudson

*(Division) - (Division Winner)

So for anyone looking for an opportunity this time next year to get some exercise playing tennis and meet some great people, head on over to NorthRiver Yacht Club.

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