The Northport City Council unanimously voted to adopt its $37.5 million general fund budget for the 2022 Fiscal Year as well as its $10.7 million Water and Sewer Budget during their regular meeting Monday night.

City Council President Jeff Hogg called both budgets fiscally responsible and conservative, and both plans received the full support of the five-member city council.

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City Administrator Glenda Webb praised the municipal finance department and the members of the council for working together to create and adopt the budgets in a timely manner -- the Fiscal Year begins on October 1st, and governments across the region, state and nation are moving with purpose to adopt operating budgets before that time.

As expected, the lion's share of the budget covers the salaries and benefits of the city's employees.

The approved budget also includes more than $900,000 in outside agency funding, which Hogg said was a 35 percent increase over the FY 2021 budget. Specifically, Hogg said the city will increase its funding of the Tuscaloosa Public Library and the Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority by 25 percent and 51 percent respectively.

That means the Library will receive $125,000 from the city this year and PARA will receive around $225,000.

The council also passed a measure that will require all outside agencies that receive funding from the city to enter into contracts with the city that will require those agencies to report exactly how the money they've received is spent.


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