The Tuscaloosa Police Department has identified and interviewed the Alabama man believed to be responsible for leaving "troubling" racist and anti-Semitic letters around downtown Tuscaloosa and other cities in the state last month and does not expect to file any charges against him.

In a Friday afternoon press release, TPD Spokeswoman Stephanie Taylor said the department's Behavioral Health Unit was assigned to investigate after the disturbing letters were discovered. They worked with TPD's Cyber Intelligence Unit and were able to identify the suspect using surveillance photos captured of the man around town.

Taylor said the man left 16 letters at businesses in Tuscaloosa and dozens more in at least nine other jurisdictions in Alabama.

She said the case is being investigated further by the FBI in Birmingham and the Bureau's Behavioral Analysis Unit, but that "there was no basis for criminal charges in" Tuscaloosa.

Because the man is not being charged with any crime at this point, his identify will not be publicly released, but Taylor confirmed the man does not live or work within Tuscaloosa County.

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