A new family health clinic is open in Northport and after a soft opening in June, Allegra Family Clinic is preparing for its grand opening next Thursday.

The clinic will offer services for Primary Care, Urgent Care, IV Hydration Therapy and Weight Loss, according to a press release. The clinic will also provide COVID-19 testing as long as the pandemic demands.

"Our goal is to bring back Family Medicine to what it once was," said Lori Jones, Director of Operations for at the new clinic. "We not only want to care for you for your yearly visit, we want to be who you rely on treating emergent injuries or sickness."

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Jones stated that the staff and the local providers are local residents in the community and they are people "who truly care for the well being of our community and our patients."

For more information on the clinic visit their website or give them a call at 205-246-2491.

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