Wet roadways have resulted in several accidents in West Alabama this Tuesday morning.

In the Townsend Nissan Traffic Center, we've received reports of the following accidents:

  • Highway 69 North: wreck with injuries located near the 165 mile marker in the northbound lane
  • I 359: wreck with an injury in the southbound lane at the 15th Street exit
  • I 20/59: wreck at Exit 89 (Daimler-Benz Boulevard)
  • I 20/59: 18-wheeler accident with injuries at the northbound offramp of Exit 97
  • I 20/59: car and 18-wheeler collision with injuries near the 100 mile marker
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The following traffic hazards have also been reported:

  • flooding on Woodland Forest Drive
  • traffic signal outage at Intersection of James I Harrison and 3rd Avenue East

If you see a wreck, report it to us using our app chat or call (205) 339-4953.

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