The day has finally arrived: Mr. Tee's Awesome BBQ & Home Cooking is open for business on Highway 69 South in Tuscaloosa.

A true Tuscaloosa legend, Mr. Leon Trone found a place in the hearts of countless bargoers and football fans by walking the Strip and downtown Tuscaloosa handing out pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, smoked sausages and more to anyone who needed a bite to eat after a few too many drinks in one of the city's bars.

Mr. Trone said the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to stop serving outside Tuscaloosa's watering holes and plan a return to his first love -- a brick-and-mortar restaurant like Tee's Ribs N-Things, which Mr. Trone operated from 2001 until 2009.

His new joint, Mr. Tee's Awesome BBQ & Home Cooking, opened its doors Friday and can be found at 8204 Highway 69 South, next to the Texaco service station.

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Some of the staff here at Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa drove over to the new diner Friday afternoon to see if Mr. Tee's food is as good in a restaurant as it always was on the way out of the Gray Lady or The Red Shed, and the answer was a resounding yes. From the pulled chicken BBQ sandwich to a plate of ribs with collard greens and cabbage to two fried catfish filets doused in hot sauce, everyone ate everything in front of them and no meal cost more than $10, even with sides and drinks.

Mr. Trone said he is excited to be open, to be working alongside his family again and to once again treat the people of Tuscaloosa to some awesome BBQ and home cooking.

Go check out the new restaurant today, whether you're meeting Mr. Tee for the first time or if his food has saved your life after countless nights on the town. The food is fantastic, the staff is friendly and as always, you'll find Mr. Trone dressed to the nines and just thrilled to see you.

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