Tuscaloosa's Schoolyard Roots nonprofit will host its second annual fundraiser, A Moveable Feast, and partner with local restaurants and breweries to support garden education at local schools.

The organization partners with 11 elementary schools in the Tuscaloosa City and County school systems, and benefits more than 4,300 students.

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The nonprofit cultivates curiosity and connections by helping students plant hands-on learning gardens at the participating schools. They also engage communities with food and nature to inspire, delight and bring classroom concepts like photosynthesis and metamorphosis to life.

In an interview with the Tuscaloosa Thread, Schoolyard Roots' executive director Nicole Gelb Dugat said participating students have gained a better understanding of what they learn in class.

"They're seeing the butterfly cycle first hand and watching the plants grow," she said. "We have phenomenal results, teachers who participate in the program have said their students have become more willing to try new vegetables."

She also said students have developed better social and emotional skills in the classroom.

The Moveable Feast event runs through this weekend at participating establishments including Chuck's Fish, Five Bar, River, Southern Ale House, DOMO, Monarch Espresso, Turbo Coffee, The Alcove, Druid City Brewing Co. and Black Warrior Brewing Co.

Each business will offer a unique dish featuring produce from one of five local farms and gardens, and proceeds made from those dishes will support the Schoolyard Roots program.


Those interested in supporting the nonprofit can also participate online through the Farm-to-Table silent auction, Famous Plant Pull or by purchasing SYR sundries at Schoolyard Roots' market table and online donations are always welcome.

The fundraiser will last until Sunday, Oct. 2 during each restaurant's regular business hours.

For more information on Schoolyard Roots, visit schoolyardroots.org. To donate to A Moveable Feast, visit fundraiser.bid/schoolyardroots.

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