Congratulations are in order for the Hollister family of Northport, the 2022 Light Up Tuscaloosa Christmas Lights Display winners.

Michael Hollister, a lifelong landscaper and his wife, Rhonda, the assistant principal at Tuscaloosa County High School, have been decorating their home for 20 years, making each year grander with their decorations.

Michael Hollister said he began designing his display on October 31, adding more lights as the weeks leading up to Christmas drew near. He said he added his final touches to the display last week.

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Hollister said their home is a fan favorite amongst kids and visitors of their neighborhood, which sits in a subdivision off of Highway 43 North in Northport.

"One year a little boy came from around the corner in a truck and said 'Holy Christmas lights' and our granddaughter loves the rainbow Christmas lights," Hollister said. "Kids love it."

The Hollisters said they also receive many visitors who stop by to view their home and recounted times where people lined their street to get a peek at their Christmas magic.

"People have to wait in lines sometimes," Rhonda Hollister said.

"Last night, there were nonstop visitors," Michael Hollister said. "We ordered pizza and the delivery driver called and said she couldn't get to the door."

Rhonda Hollister said students from Tuscaloosa County High found out she was the homeowner and revealed they had been longtime visitors of her home during the holidays.

"It's kind of cool to see that kids have grown up looking at our Christmas lights and enjoying them," Rhonda said. "That's why we do it."

The Hollisters are now winners of the $1,000 prize but said they did not expect to win anything for their yearly tradition. They said they decorate as a way to bring holiday magic to all who will view their home.

"A lot of people say, 'well, isn't it a lot of work?' and it is, but when you love doing something, it's not work," Michael Hollister said. "I really enjoy getting out and putting those lights up. We enjoy it and everyone else enjoys it too and that brings us a lot of happiness and joy and to others. If our Christmas decorations brings joy to someone, then it's worth it to us."

Check out the Hollisters' display, along with the rest of this year's submissions in a gallery of photos below! Happy Holidays!

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