Managers at Tuscaloosa's long-awaited KPOT Korean BBQ say the new-to-market hot pot concept is finally set to open very soon.

Nearly a year ago to the day, the Thread broke the news that a short-lived seafood restaurant that opened in the old Ryan's building off Skyland Boulevard would permanently close and KPOT would soon replace it.

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The restaurant was active on Facebook, where they shared several different opening dates last year, but were plagued by delays before the Page for KPOT Tuscaloosa was completely removed from the social media platform late last year, leading many to wonder if the restaurant would be a complete failure to launch.

Earlier this week, though, the manager there called the Thread in response to inquiries made last summer, when KPOT applied for and received a business license from the city of Tuscaloosa.

The manager, Faye Lu, said KPOT was finally nearing its grand opening and that she would confirm the date when it was considered rock-solid.

Lu called back Thursday and said they were finally 100 percent sure - the restaurant will open to the public this Monday, January 15th.

On their website, the fast-growing brand is described as a "cultural dining revolution," where friends share a feast they prepare to their tastes around an Asian "hot pot," a central pan where broth boils. Raw ingredients including meats and veggies are dipped into the broth and cooked up however the guest wants them.


KPOTs also feature a full bar and all-you-can-eat hot pot offerings.

For a first look inside KPOT and more when they finally get open next, and for more exclusive coverage of restaurant and retail development in West Alabama, stay connected to the Tuscaloosa Thread.

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