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Tuscaloosa's District 5 city councilman Kip Tyner announced that Alberta will be getting a "brand new Chevron on steroids" Tuesday.

Tyner said that the service station will be along University Boulevard between 23rd and 24th Avenue. The station will be located where the former Tuskaloosa Exterminating Services used to be and will be right across the street from the Alberta Baptist Church.

"The Chevron service station is something that you would see in Brentwood, Tennessee, or Glendale, Arizona," Tyner said on his television show "Great Day Tuscaloosa."

Tyner said that it might be the "largest service station in Tuscaloosa," teasing that the station will include a market and a fast-food restaurant but was not able to release any more details.

"It's something that Alberta and our district really needs," Tyner said. "The fast-food restaurant that I am telling you about will bring a lot of people for breakfast."

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