The owners of a service station just outside of Tuscaloosa County are asking for assistance identifying a couple accused of stealing around $500 of cigarettes Saturday.

Kimbrel's Grocery, a gas station, convenience store and deli, took to Facebook to share photos and video of a man and woman who allegedly stole several cartons of cigarettes Saturday.

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According to the store's owners, a cashier allowed the man to walk out with numerous cartons of cigarettes while the woman stayed inside as if to pay for them.

Her card was declined, though, and the duo left without ever making things right inside or returning nearly $500 in merchandise.

"This is not a cashier error but a theft problem," store management said on Facebook. "Kimbrel’s tries to make everyone feel like family and unfortunately criminals know how to take advantage of any opportunity to steal. It may be cigarettes at a convenience store or breaking into homes, businesses or churches this crime exists and we all must be aware and look out for our neighbors."

The store is on Mud Creek Road in Adger, Alabama, just northeast of the Tuscaloosa County line near Lake View and McCalla.

With the entire incident caught on interior and exterior surveillance cameras, the store's owners are hopeful someone can identify the couple.

Kimbrel's can be reached at 205-425-3500.

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