You never know when disaster will strike close to home.

Tuscaloosa County Commission, Facebook
Tuscaloosa County Commission, Facebook

West Alabama's most recent severe weather threat proved to leave behind some extensive damage.

As previously reported by the Tuscaloosa Thread, Black Warrior EMC said in a Friday press release that a round of storms Wednesday left 8,000 residences they serve without power.

Days later, another 5,000 customers lost power because of Friday storms, which hammered southwest Tuscaloosa County, Ralph and Fosters.

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Patsy Mozingo, a Fosters resident who lives on Sylvan Loop Road, reached out to the Tuscaloosa Thread directly to ask for the community's help, especially in Ralph.

"There was a tornado late Friday afternoon that pretty much destroyed Ralph and portions of Fosters," she said. "There's over 100 power pole lines down, nobody has power. some don't even have phone service and I have seen nothing on the news or news reporters reporting the damage at our location."

Days later, there are still residents in the area without power and debris all over.

County officials, Representatives from the National Weather Service, and members of the Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency have been onsite assessing the damage, according to a post by the Tuscaloosa County Commission.

"If you must travel through the Fosters/Ralph area, please use caution. At this time, a number of residents remain without power and Black Warrior EMC is working to restore service," the Tuscaloosa County Commission posted to social media Monday.



Monday, the Tuscaloosa County EMA was on-site at Robertson's BBQ Restaurant doing damage assessments and locating residents who needed debris removal.

Readers who need to report damage can reach out to Tuscaloosa County EMA by clicking this link. 

PHOTOS: Weekend Storm Damage South of Tuscaloosa

Storm damage in Ralph and Fosters, AL includes pulled down power lines, fences and and full-grown trees.

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