The United Auto Worker’s hard press against the “No” vote by Mercedes Benz employees in Vance earlier this month is continuing. A check of the website of the labor friendly National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) reveals the union has submitted additional claims in their request for a revote.

They alleged that part of Mercedes purported unfair labor practices in the runup to the May 13-17 vote was the hiring by the company of anti-union consultants to conduct mandatory meetings with employees.

Hiring consultants to conduct anti-union activities is not an unusual practice by a company resisting unionization efforts.

When votes were counted on May 17th the final tally showed 2,045 for, 2,624 against the union.

According to a story by the left leaning Huffington Post, 11 consultants were brought in by Mercedes to “persuade” employees to vote against the UAW.

The union’s request for a revote is in addition to six previous “labor busting” claims filed against Mercedes with the NLRB and German authorities.

For their part, Mercedes has repeatedly claimed that they would not interfere with their employees’ decision on whether or not to join the union.

Last week the union officially filed a challenge of the election with the NLRB. The union claims in the protest that the company, “illegally interfered in the process and tainted the vote.”

The union organizing effort is part of UAW President Shawn Fain’s $40 million aggressive effort to unionize every non-union auto plant across seven southern states.

Volkswagen in Chattanooga voted overwhelmingly in April to join the union without much of a fight from the VW. Mercedes Benz, however, is a bigger challenge.

The union effort has been strongly opposed by Gov Ivey, most legislators and local leaders.

This is a ongoing story that Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa will continue to follow.

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