Ichiban Japanese Grill made an investment that may change the game of receiving sushi as we know it after debuting its newest team member: a robot-server name Lucki.

According to a video from the downtown Tuscaloosa restaurant's Facebook page, Lucki can be loaded with treats by staff, who will then set the table destination and send the bot to drop off meals to customers.

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HiuTung Chow, one of the owners of Ichiban, said the investment came after experiencing limited employee staffing.

"Due to being short-staffed, we decided to get the robot to help us bring customers' food out for us so we can do other things while robot is delivering food," Chow said.

Chow said Lucki can serve up to three tables per trip if needed, making serving customers more efficient.

Chow said customers are very fond of Lucki and thinks the investment was worth it.

"For the ones who have never seen an actual robot working, they are are very amazed with it and excited when the robot is taking their food to them," Chow said. "We are excited to have Lucki to be part of Ichiban."

To see Lucki in action, click here, or visit Ichiban Japanese Grill at 2128 University Boulevard, Suite A.

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