Aug. 29 marked the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall along the Gulf Coast. As Hurricane Ida left significant damage and devastation in a similar path as Katrina did 16 years ago, here’s how Tuscaloosa residents can help with relief efforts.

Ida, a Category 4 hurricane, struck land harder than Katrina did 16 years ago as a Category 3 storm. So far, Ida has caused mass power outages throughout its extensive Louisiana-to-New-York path, and the death toll surpassed 60 nationwide over the weekend. Louisiana alone accounts for nearly a quarter of those deaths.

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With the outskirts of the storm potentially causing four to six inches of rain and flooding in Tuscaloosa, here are some ways to send help to our neighbors experiencing the storm directly.

The fastest way to send help to Mississippi and Louisiana is to donate money. With the storm still ravaging the states, sending food, blankets and medicine to local charities will cause more harm than good, as of now.

Local charities are not equipped to handle a large influx of goods due to damages from the storm. The best bet is to donate money through a credible organization.

  • The American Red Cross developed a webpage for donations to help people affected by Hurricane Ida. The minimum donation is $10; check out their page at this link.
  • CNN developed a donation drive to help 12 organizations: Airlink, All Hands and Hearts, American Red Cross, Americares, Direct Relief, Global Giving Foundation, international Relief Teams, Project Hope, Rebuilding Together, Save The Children, World Central Kitchen, and World Vision. Check it out here.

Check back here for updates as more relief efforts are organized.

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