Moundville is said to be one of the hardest-hit areas in Alabama from Wednesday's severe weather. The intense storms produced heavy rain and strong winds, which also resulted in a statewide Tornado outbreak.

Local officials spoke with Steve Shannon and Meg Summers on 95.3 The Bear's Steve Shannon Morning Show about the current state of Moundville and surrounding areas last week.

Moundville City Councilman Eric LaFoy provided an update on Moundville and how the city plans to recover from damages caused by the storms. LaFoy said the focus now is clearing the city of debris and tending to residents who have suffered property damage or power outages.

"The good thing is nobody was injured or [killed] so, we're very fortunate," LaFoy said. "It seems like our warning systems are doing a good job of allowing everybody plenty of time to get in their safe place and everything. So, we've definitely got to thank our weathermen and our meteorologists out there for that."

According to LaFoy, city leaders rushed into recovery mode once the severe weather subsided and Alabamians were given the clearance of any more potential threats.

LaFoy said their first steps were to make sure all residents were safe and accounted for. Then began the active process of restoration and recovery.

Several businesses, like the local post office, were damaged from fallen trees and strong winds. City leaders and clean-up crews have been working diligently to repair impacted buildings and homes.

"I want to give a shoutout to the city of Moundville and [our community], they did an outstanding job," LaFoy said. "Mayor Tony Lester has been providing great leadership and everybody's doing well."

As the city of Moundville begins the recovery process, LaFoy asks everyone to remain patient and provide prayers for the city and its residents.

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Hale County was greatly impacted by Wednesday's severe weather and tornado outbreak. Multiple cities in the area suffered power loss and significant storm damage.

Russell Weeden, Hale County EMA director, said there were no reported injuries or fatalities in Hale County despite being one of the hardest-hit areas in the state. 

According to Weeden, around 30 homes and multiple buildings were damaged to some degree during Wednesday's storms. Several businesses across the county have endured roof damage among other destruction that may delay future operations.

"One of them was a mechanic shop and it lost the entire roof. So, they're going to be out of business for a while," Weeden said. "The other one was where they work on RVs and it lost the entire roof. And then the post office was damaged by a fallen tree. So, [those businesses] will not be able to [re-open] immediately."

The strength of the tornado that tore through Hale County and surrounding areas was determined by the National Weather Service to be an EF-1 storm. Wind speeds were recorded as high as 110 miles per hour. 

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