On a beautiful night for Week 3 of Friday Night Lights in West Alabama, the Gordo Green Wave, led by Oregon-commit QB Tanner Bailey, completely over-shadowed the Oak Grove Tigers, 45-0.

"We want to play with our hair on fire," said Gordo head coach Ryan Lolley.

"We had a bunch of young guys that got to play and they played with a lot of effort. We always do that. We always play with effort and energy and I think that comes from our hard work that they put in for practice."

The Green Wave had a near-hiccup situation to open their first home game of the season as their second play from scrimmage lead to a 21-yard loss due to a high snap over Bailey's head. On 3rd-and-32, however, The veteran quarterback managed to connect on a 35-yard heave to junior WR Kohl Summerville.

Their first and longest drive of the night ended in a 9-yard rushing score from junior RB Rayshawn Williams, who would have six carries and 82 yards before hitting the showers.

Oregon-bound Tanner Bailey also got to end his night early before the second half, but not before completing 7-of-8 passes for 151 yards and three touchdowns through the air. His last pass of the night, and likely the dagger for the Oak Grove Tigers, came with under two minutes in the first half when Bailey connected with senior WR Ben Capps for a 70-yard bomb to bring the score to 39-0.

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Oak Grove struggled considerably on offense and amassed eight fumbles before the night was over. While their night was marred by high snaps and undisciplined penalties, they were able to create a spark on special teams with two successful fake punts, each for a first down. The Tigers ended their tough week 3 matchup with just over 100 yards of total offense for the night.

Late in the fourth quarter, junior Gordo lineman (OL/DL) Mason Wright sustained an upper-leg injury that required an air cast and significant assistance leaving the field. Wright was attempting to sit up while being tended to by health professionals from both schools and continued communicating with staff during the stoppage.

"Anytime you have an injury like that, you hate to see it," said coach Lolley. "He works extremely hard and I hate it for him. But I know one thing, he's very tough, very strong, and he'll bounce back."

Next week, the Gordo Green Wave (3-0) go on the road again to face the Northside Rams (2-1) while the Oak Grove Tigers (0-3) try to pick up their first win of the season at home over the Hamilton Aggies.

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