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Governor Kay Ivey has announced that the state of Alabama is under a state of emergency effective at 4 p.m. Tuesday as Tropical Storm Zeta approaches.

In a Twitter thread Tuesday, Ivey stated that the storm will be a category one hurricane by time it makes landfall on Wednesday.

"While this storm is not expected to have an impact as large as storms we’ve seen move through the Gulf earlier this year, we want to be in the best place possible to respond to anticipated rain, storm surge and mass power outage," Ivey said in a tweet.

This is the Atlantic's 11th hurricane of the season and will most likely affect West Alabama by Thursday. According to the National Weather Service of Birmingham, Zeta will most likely have sustained winds of 20 to 40 miles per hour with two to four inches of rain expected through Thursday.

"I encourage everyone to remain weather aware and tuned in to their trusted news source as this storm could shift direction or change intensity. We continue to track the path of this storm and will stay in touch with the people of Alabama with any updates," Ivey said in a tweet.

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