Rolfs Deli and Sausages in Northport has been expanded to include a cafe and bar.

German native Rolf Meyer is the owner and operator of the deli, which has been his dream since he was 14 years old.

"With all this coming through for me it's hard but it's really fulfilling," said Meyer. "It feels like a dream."

Meyer said he decided to open the cafe so that he could provide more dining space for his customers and offer new products.

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Rolf's Deli began selling exclusively European wine and German beer last Thursday, a move Meyer said would allow his cafe to offer patrons unique, high-quality drinks.

"German beer doesn't contain any chemicals," said Meyer. "It's brewed in accordance with the German purity. So this is why I want to have only European beer, and it also matches my food because I don't use any preservatives."

Meyer says that he will offer nine different kinds of traditional high-quality German beer. He will also serve wine from Austria, Germany, Spain and Portugal, with the possibility of adding other wines to the menu in the future.

"Europe has 48 countries, and so therefore there's opportunity for a very wide variety of wine," Meyer said.

The entrepreneur also plans to host live music performances on Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

"I think here in Northport there aren't really many opportunities for this kind of event to sit outside, listen to live music and have a good meal with a good beer or a good glass of wine," he said. "That's pretty unique here in Northport. You will not be able to find it here anywhere else, especially with the combination of authentic German food and drinks. You won't get it somewhere else."

Meyer said in the future, he plans to host different events including an Oktoberfest celebration, Christmas markets and more.

Meyer is also expanding his business into local convenience stores by working with a company called the Pretzel Guys to begin selling his homemade pretzels at gas stations in the Tuscaloosa and Northport area.

At his deli, Meyer said he is partnering with a farmer to raise European breeds of pigs and cattle so he can sell authentic, fresh pork and beef in addition to his current offerings.

In the next year, Meyer says he plans to have a full bar where he will offer liquor and mixed drinks. Even though he may bring in American products at that time, Meyer intends to continue choosing products without chemicals or preservatives.

"The quality of the products is, for me, one of the highest priorities in general because if I do not keep up with my philosophy in terms of quality, then I will fail," said Meyer.

The grand opening of the cafe will take place next Saturday, July 31. Meyer is also currently looking for musicians who are interested in playing for tips. Those interested can contact Meyer by phone at 205-765-3026.

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