Residents can attend the inaugural community event--plus earn a free meal--this July in Tuscaloosa.

The summer bash will be held Friday, July 14, from 3-7 p.m. The event will be held at Five Spot on 3618 Stillman Blvd.

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Five Horizons Health Services is hosting the summer bash, which will feature music entertainment, food trucks, bounce houses, and more.

Noah Haynes | Townsquare Media
Noah Haynes | Townsquare Media

Five Spot

Katherine Waldon, the Chief Programmatic Officer for Five Horizons, said this event is "an opportunity to endear ourselves to the community."

According to Five Horizons' website, the organization has historically provided "HIV-related outreach and prevention services to West Alabama." However, Waldon explained that the organization has expanded to do much more for the community.

Waldon said that Five Spot is "a community safe space," and Five Horizons wants it to be a resource center "regardless of what your need is."

She explained that some of these resources include year-round programs for under-served Tuscaloosa students in middle and high school.

To further contribute to this goal, Five Horizons will be accepting donated school supplies at the event, which will be passed on to local non-profit, Lift Alabama.

Attendees who donate school supplies can earn a free meal voucher for one of the on-location food trucks.

Waldon also highlighted the support of community partners. She explained that these community partners use Five Spot to provide a range of resources to residents.

Noah Haynes | Townsquare Media
Noah Haynes | Townsquare Media

Five Spot Resources

"Whether someone is a college student or someone in the community," said Waldon, "We're really trying to build the image that we are the one-stop shop to anyone in the community."

Any local organizations looking to partner with this event can email Katherine Waldon at

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