A Tuscaloosa County man is being charged with felony assault after a fight on the Tuscaloosa Strip left a woman with several broken bones, according to court documents filed Thursday.

In a deposition, investigators said 21-year-old Lowrinzer De'sean Edwards of Fosters, Alabama, got into a fight with a woman near the intersection of Tuscaloosa's University Boulevard and Red Drew Avenue near Egan's Bar around 2:15 a.m. last Tuesday.

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Edwards allegedly picked up the victim and slammed her to the ground, leaving her with "several fractures to the head and neck." Police said the victim spent three days in the intensive care unit at DCH Regional Medical Center following the assault but ultimately survived.

According to the deposition, investigators were able to recover and review video footage of the assault and identify Edwards as the assailant. Edwards also allegedly admitted to being in the fight.

Edwards was arrested Wednesday and charged with second-degree assault, a Class C felony, and has since been released on a $15,000 bond.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Tuscaloosa Thread received clarification from the victim that she is a transgender woman who uses she/her pronouns. The victim was misgendered on the police report and the Thread wrote the story in accordance with the details on the report. We have edited the story above to appropriately reflect the victim's gender identity and pronouns.

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