Fayette Medical Center has invested in an upgraded CT scanner that aims to provide better quality of service to patients at the rural hospital.

According to a release from DCH Health System, the new GE 64-slice scanner offers the latest imaging technology that will allow faster scanning, higher quality image results and tracks and reduces radiation exposure to patients.

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The scanner has will allow technologists to select patients' information and protocols directly from the device, allowing more one-on-one time at the patient's side. The scanner also reproduces images that once had to be manually generated.

Donald Jones, Fayette Medical Center administrator, said in a press release that the addition will improve the services provided to patients and allow rural communities access to quality equipment.

"Rural hospitals struggle with the ability to afford capital investments for new equipment," Jones said. "I’m pleased that our facility has been able to invest to upgrade our CT diagnostic unit. I’m grateful that our physicians, patients and the community are able to access state-of-the-art medical equipment, including this brand new CT equipment, right here in Fayette County at Fayette Medical Center."

John Files, the director of Imaging Services at the medical center, said the new machine will allow staff to scan a patient's entire body in seconds, exponentially faster than what was possible with their previous device.

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