The city of Eutaw has implemented an emergency water conservation ordinance after freezing weather this weekend damaged already weak infrastructure in the area.

The ordinance was announced Monday at noon, and city leaders are asking residents to immediately reduce water consumption to what is absolutely critical.

Business and industrial customers should use only what is necessary for their essential operations, and residential customers are being asked to reduce usage by whatever means possible, including turning off faucets that may have been dripping this weekend to prevent pipes bursting during the cold weather.

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Anyone whose water line is already broken should immediately turn off their water at the meter to prevent further waste of the city's water as pipes throughout the area are repaired. Anyone who needs help doing so can call the city, they said on Facebook.

The city is not messing around, either -- during this infrastructure emergency, anyone who does not comply with the water conservation orders may find city crews disconnecting their homes or businesses from the city's lines and locking their meters to prevent access until the situation is resolved.

This is a developing situation in neighboring Greene County -- stay connected to the Tuscaloosa Thread and follow the city on social media for more updates as they become available.

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