Tuscaloosa's premier roller derby league, Druid City Derby, plans to face off against Northshore Roller Derby, hailing from Slidell, Louisiana, at Super Skate this Saturday.

Druid City Derby, founded in 2015 by two local skaters who used to skate on Birmingham's Tragic City Rollers derby team, enlists local women to encourage them to "become more confident, better athletes and stronger teammates."

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Kelsey Kerzman, a Tuscaloosa local who has skated with Druid City Derby for the past four years, said Druid City Derby welcomed her with open arms, which played an important role in making her feel at home in a new town.

"Druid City Derby gave me friendship when I didn't know anyone at all in Tuscaloosa," Kerzman said. "That friendship bloomed into its own kind of family. My teammates have loved me for the things I grew up trying to hide, which has really helped me learn to love myself."

The bout will be hosted here in Tuscaloosa at Super Skate this Saturday, April 15th. Pre-sale tickets are available for $12 until Friday, and attendees can also purchase tickets at the door the day of the event for $15.

"I'm really looking forward to implementing some techniques the team has been working really hard on," Kerzman said. "In general, I'm just really excited to play with my team and enjoy each other's company afterward."

The not-for-profit sports league will use all proceeds to support their "mission to provide education, training and fitness activities to children and adults with interest in playing roller derby" by using the funds to cover the costs of practice spaces, protective gear and other events.

Super Skate is located at 5900 McFarland Boulevard East in Tuscaloosa. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. with the first whistle at 5 p.m.

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