DCH Health System recently unveiled a new robotic adult rehabilitation system, the first of its kind in Alabama.

Through this program, the Bioness Vector Elite System, patients will be able to better recover from strokes, brain and spinal cord injuries and other neurological-cognitive injuries.

“We are excited to be the first adult rehabilitation program in the state of Alabama to offer this innovative technology, which will be impactful to so many future patients at DCH,” said Bryan Kindred, President and CEO of DCH Health System.

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The Bioness rig stays suspended from the ceiling on a track system while patients strap into a harness connected to the robot. The patients then follow a track around the space, including up and down sets of stairs for elevation training.

The rig's Intuitive Body Weight Support feature automatically begins recognizing the patient's gait patterns. From there, the system can dynamically offload weight to better prevent stumbles and falls.

“Critical to supporting the best clinical outcomes, each patient needs to be motivated by a personal recovery goal such as walking with a spouse or friend, regaining enough stability to swing a golf club or driving their fishing boat,” Nathan Buckalew, Director of Rehabilitation at DCH Health System.

Buckalew said the goal of the Vector system is to provide a feeling of safety and comfort to patients while also allowing clinicians to remain focused on the patient's exercise.

With the help of intensive therapist-driven care, he says this new system will ideally allow for patients to make a stronger and easier recovery.

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