The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office is actively investigating a series of car break-ins in two area neighborhoods.

Over the past week, residents south of Bear Creek Road in Fields Crossing and Taylorwood Estates have captured security footage of a man attempting to enter locked cars at night. The suspect appears to also be armed.

This security footage below was provided to The Tuscaloosa Thread by a resident of Fields Crossing, who asked to be identified only as Kevin.

A second family in the area, who asked to be identified only as Johnny and Sofia, also provided security camera footage captured this week showing someone testing car doors in the Fields Crossing neighborhood.

The footage has been shared with the Sheriff's Office and a spokesperson there confirmed an investigation is ongoing.

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Kevin told The Thread that this incident isn't isolated and shared more footage, this time shot in September, that seems to show a would-be burglar rethink his plans when he notices the camera recording him.

Kevin said other vehicles in the area had property stolen from inside them that night.

"I anticipate it happening again," Kevin said. "But what can we do besides keep our vehicles locked like we are supposed to?"

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