The City of Tuscaloosa has extended restrictions on public access to government buildings and more in response to continually rising cases of COVID-19, a municipal spokesman said Tuesday.

Tuscaloosa Mayor Maddox first announced a set of restrictions on December 7th which limited public access to City Hall and other buildings. Those rules were set to expire on January 4th, but now will extend to January 31st as coronavirus cases continue to climb in Tuscaloosa.

The extension of these measures means City Hall and all municipally owned event spaces will remain closed to the public until the end of next month.

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Any necessary transactions must be conducted either online, via phone or mail, or through the City Hall drive-through drop box on the top floor of the intermodal facility parking deck. Any in-person water payments must be made at the first floor City Hall drive-through.

Additionally, public participation at City Council meetings will remain virtual. Meetings will be live-streamed on the City of Tuscaloosa Facebook page, and public statements can be made via email, phone, or video.

The Tuscaloosa Municipal Court will also remain closed to the public until that time. Court cases in between now and then will be deferred until after January 31st. Payments an still be made online, via phone or by mail.

No new events may be booked at the River Market until the restrictions are lifted on January 31st. The Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum and the Gateway will remain closed as well.

These closures to the public only apply to City buildings, and don't directly impact PARA, Tuscaloosa City Schools or Tuscaloosa Transit Authority facilities.

For more details on these changes and to see how to do business with each of the city's departments, please visit

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